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Centennial Oral History Project: Hector Martinez



Professor Hector Martinez was born in Hollywood, California in 1971. He is the son of Mexican immigrant parents who came to the United States in the early 1960s and he is the youngest of three siblings. He grew up in Los Angeles and a nearby suburb called El Monte. Influenced by his two older sisters, he attended University of Southern California and majored in English. After college, he taught high school English in Los Angeles for two years.

Subsequently he moved to San Diego to complete his Master’s degree in English at San Diego State University. He started teaching part-time at City College in 2000 and became a full-time member of the English Department in 2002. Martinez discusses family visits to his parent’s home in Durango, Mexico, growing up in the post-Civil Rights era, and the evolution of his Chicano identity.

Transcripts, Videos and Visual Presentations

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