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Centennial Oral History Project: Introduction

History Department Program


Welcome to the City College Centennial Oral History Project! As part of our centennial celebration in 2014, United States History II/History 110 students collected stories from City College alumni, faculty, staff, and students. Students selected narrators, conducted oral history interviews, wrote biographical essays, and created videos and visual presentations. This archive will preserve the City College story for the next centennial celebration.

The process of collecting and documenting our stories inspired, challenged, and truly motivated students to think beyond the classroom. I am extremely grateful to all the narrators who shared their stories and for all their time and effort in this endeavor. The Centennial Oral History Project is the start of an on-going History and Political Science Department project to document and preserve San Diego history. For more information or to participate, contact


Susan Hasegawa
Professor of History
Department of History and Political Science
San Diego City College

Biographical Essays, Transcripts, Videos, and Visual Presentations


Oral History Project Assignment

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