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Centennial Oral History Project: Darrell Harrison



Prince Darrell Harrison was born in 1958 in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is the oldest of six children, all boys, born to Bobbie Scott and Frank Harrison. Darrell, as he prefers to be called, made note that the fact that his mother went to college and had a degree in nursing was more the exception than the rule in the neighborhood he grew up in. His mother’s academic achievement also spurred him to engage in his pursuit of higher education as well. Darrell joined the Marine Corps in 1971 and served two tours before separating from service in 1981.


Professor Harrison completed a paralegal certificate program and went on to attain a B.A. in business management and an M.B.A. In the mid-1980s he and a colleague opened their own paralegal school; it was highly successful. In 1991, he was offered the Paralegal Program Director position at Miramar College. Professor Darrell Harrison has volunteered with several organizations and committees such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County, the Citizens Review Board, and the State Advisory Board on Education. He is also a recent graduate of the LEAD program in San Diego.

Transcripts, Videos and Visual Presentations

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