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Centennial Oral History Project: Biographical Essays, Transcripts, Visual Presentations

Biographical Essays, Transcripts, Videos, and Visual Presentations

First Name ↑ ↓Last Name ↑ ↓Relationship to College ↑ ↓Date ↑ ↓
Christy Ball  Alumna and Faculty  May 2014
Kenneth Clark  Faculty  May 2013
Zulema Diaz  Alumna and Faculty  May 2013
Jeanne Elyea  Alumna  May 2013
Rosiangela Escamilla  Alumna and Faculty   May 2014
Catherine Harlow  Faculty  May 2014
Berta Harris  Faculty  May 2013
Darrell Harrison  Faculty  May 2014
Milenko Karanovich  Faculty    May 2013
Nathan Katungi  Faculty  May 2013
Sofia Laurein  Faculty  May 2013
Angel Lopez  Alumnus  May 2013
Hector Martinez  Faculty  May 2013
Gabriel Miramontes  Alumnus  May 2013
Masahiro Omae  Alumnus and Faculty  May 2014
Ryan Potfay  Student  May 2014
Robert Pruitt  Faculty  May 2013
Rosalinda Sandoval  Faculty  May 2014
Geraldo Scappaticci  Faculty  May 2014
Adamu Walelign  Faculty  May 2014
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