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San Diego City College Library

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Computers in the Library

Get the Wifi Access Code for your mobile device.

Library Computers (Entrance Level): 70 workstations

  • Pick a computer in the room.
  • Log in at the computer screen:
    • Username is your 10-digit student ID number.
    • Password is your  8-digit birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

The Library has 70 computers on its main floor for use by currently-enrolled students. Library computers have the following software available:

  • Internet access for research needs, including books and databases.
  • 2010 Microsoft Office for word processing projects.
  • Printing system for printing out documents.

LRC Computer Use Policy

The most important reason the following policy is in place is to ensure that students have a place to do their academic work. Non-compliance may result in privileges being revoked. 

  • Computer use is a privilege limited to currently-enrolled SDCCD students for school-related business or academic purposes only.
  • You may be asked to show your current SDCCD ID card as proof of eligible status to use the computers.
  • Computers are monitored by Library staff.
  • All Library computers provide Internet access and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). More software titles may be found on the first floor in the Independent Learning Center.

These guidelines are based on policies listed in the City College Catalog (2011-2012, p. 39) and on SDCCD Board Policies 6100 (Web Policy) and 0530-2.3 (Use of District Equipment). 

Remote Access Guidelines

Access to Library Resources from Off-Campus Locations

How the login system works: You are automatically eligible only if you are currently taking a class or teaching a class.

  • Students: When you click on a database link or an e-book, you will be prompted for your CSID number and last name. Type in your last name exactly the way you are registered for classes (usually how it appears on your CSID card). You must be currently taking at least one City College class and have fully paid your tuition and fees in order to log in. If you are having problems with your login, please email and include your full name and CSID number.
  • Staff: You are not automatically added to the system from PeopleSoft. To request a login, or if you are having problems logging in, email and include your full name, department, and employee (CSID) number.
  • Faculty: You are automatically added to the system from PeopleSoft if you are teaching in the current semester/session. If your status is different, or you are having problems with your login, please email and include your full name, department, and employee (CSID) number.

Common issues: 

  • Some databases require that your browser be set to accept all cookies.
  • Security software may interfere with a database's user authentication protocol. You may have to temporarily disable it in order to connect to a database.

Wireless Access

Go to the Wifi Page for the code and network information.

Computing: Related Resources

More information about Computing in the LRC:

How to Get Technical Help

What LRC personnel can help you do:

  • access the Internet
  • use basic MS Office functions
  • access your online course
  • print a document
  • scan an image

What other offices on campus can help you do:

Help is not available for personal mobile devices.

Students using computers in the Library

Desktop computers

The library has about 70 computers on the 2nd floor for student use. More computers are available downstairs in the Independent Learning Center (rooms R105-107). 

Students using computers in the library

Wireless network

Wifi is available in the Library for your laptop. Get the wifi code here:

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