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Videos & Captioning

Videos & Captioning

Film strip

San Diego City College Library has over 400 DVD titles on-site in its Media Collection, plus a variety of online streaming video products that you can access from outside the Library. See the collections below!

Other libraries have videos also.  As a California resident, you are eligible to be a member of two large public library systems (city and county)-- and it's free to join, so check them out! 

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Online (Streaming) Media

Notice to faculty and campus events coordinators: Because the collections below are intended for classroom instructional use, click the "More" link under each description to see requirements regarding captioning and public performance rights outside the classroom. See the Legal Stuff box for a discussion about Zoom live streaming. 

Physical Media

San Diego City College Library has captioned DVDs in its Media Collection, located at the Library Circulation Desk. Use SDCCD Books+ to find media items in that collection.

Performance Rights for Physical Media

When looking in the library catalog for a DVD, check the record for one of these two statements:

  • Educational public performance rights means that the DVD may be shown in face-to-face classroom settings and in admission-free screenings on campus.
  • Classroom or individual use only means that the DVD can be used for face-to-face classroom or individual use only.

More information on showing films in the classroom on the American Library Association website.

More Videos: Area Public Libraries

As a California resident, you are eligible to be a member of San Diego Public Library, which has a streaming video in its e-Library Collection: see Kanopy in their collection of Movies & TV.

Legal Stuff: Captioning, Performance Rights & Zooming live

Faculty and campus events coordinators:

It is your responsibility to check for captioning and performance rights before using a video outside the classroom no matter if the video is from a San Diego City College Library collection or not. Certain vendors have specific public performance rights for use outside the classroom. The SDCC Library does not assume responsibility for interpretation of law regarding performance rights.

The librarians have noted the public performance rights for certain vendors/collections listed on this web page. Classroom rights differ. 

Can I live stream a video over Zoom?

Best practice is to link to library resources instead. As with all copyright questions, the answer about live Zoom streaming depends on evaluation of four factors (Purpose, Nature, Amount, and Market). Librarians cannot give legal advice. Please refer to the SDCCD Copyright Guidelines page, and see the article below for a discussion of Fair Use and the four factors as specifically regards Zoom. 

Guide Author

Sandra V. Pesce, PhD ~ Electronic Resources Librarian ~

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