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San Diego City College Library

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San Diego Area Libraries (& More)

Check Out These Libraries!

Our two local public library systems (SDPL and SDCL) have resources that complement our SDCC collections. Both of these have large physical collections as well as digital e-library collections with e-books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, and other databases. You can get a FREE library card from both libraries! (Your tax dollars at work!)

  • San Diego Public Library. If you don't have a library card from SDPL, get a card here.  SDPL belongs to the San Diego Circuit, a consortium of two public library systems and three university libraries. You can request physical items from the San Diego Circuit when you have an SDPL library card. 
  • San Diego County Library. If you don't have a library card from SDCL, get a card here. SDCL belongs to the San Diego Circuit and LINK+, a state-wide consortium of several dozen public and university libraries. You can request physical items from LINK+ (or the San Diego Circuit) when you have an SDCL card.

San Diego Area Libraries (& More)

Click on a library's name below to see their web site. Or click their online catalog link to directly search their collections for materials.


San Diego Public Libraries
Academic Libraries: Universities in Our Area
Academic Libraries: Community Colleges in Our Area
Other Public Libraries in Our Area
Other California Libraries
National & International Libraries


Updated January 31, 2020

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