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Where are the Printers, Copiers, and Scanners?

Print station

The Library is in the process of transitioning to a new print system, so there is currently no charge to print. Printing will be limited to currently enrolled students only.

Print stations are located:

  • in the Library (4 black and white printers). Color printing is not available at this time.

Copiers are located:

  • in the Copy Room on the second floor of the LRC (currently unavailable)

Scanners are located:

  • to the right of the Periodicals & Newspaper section behind the tables of computers

Printers and copiers use standard white printer paper only.

How do I print from the computer?

The Library is in the process of transitioning to a new print system, so there is currently no charge to print. 

There are two ways to print: 

  • Save your document to a USB drive: Save your document to a USB drive before coming to the library or use a computer here to save your document. Limited USB drives for printing may be available to borrow from the Circulation or Information desk.
  • Email the document to yourself: Email the document to yourself before coming to the library or use a computer here to email the document to yourself.

After either saving your document to a USB drive or emailing it to yourself, head to any print station and:

  • Either insert the USB drive into the print station or open an internet browser to access your email. The printer stations are internet capable.
  • Open your document via the USB drive or your email.
  • Go to File > print on the computer screen. Change any necessary printing options and then click print.
  • The default is black and white. Color printing is not available at this time. 

How do I use a Copier?

The Copy Room, located next to the Information Desk, is currently closed. Copying services are not photocopier

available at this time. Please use our scanning service instead. (See below)

How do I use the scanner?

Image of scanner next to a computerScanners can be used to email scanned copies of documents or library materials to yourself.

To use the scanner:

  • Log in to the computer using your student ID as the username and your birth date as the password.
  • Place the item you wish to scan below the silver scanning head. (Yellow paper in the image to the right is correctly placed and ready to scan)
  • Push the "scan" button on the base of the scanner to scan the first page.
  • If you wish to continue scanning more pages, adjust the material you are scanning to display the next page and click "continue scanning." Repeat until all pages are scanned.  If you are finished, click "finish scanning."
  • Edit the scanned images as needed. 
  • Save the scanned document to a flash drive or save and then email to yourself.

If you need assistance with the scanner please let the scanning attendant know. 

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