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Print, Copy or Scan in the Library

How to use the printers and scanners in the Library

Copying with PaperCut

PaperCut is the pay-to-print system for self-service printing at San Diego City College. It is also used to add value to an account for printing from photocopy machines. 

PaperCut Basics for Copying

papercut logo How does it work? 

  • At City, a PaperCut student print account (with a zero balance) is automatically generated for you based on your student ID# as a currently-enrolled student at SDCCD.
  • You add money to this account by using an Add Value Station (cash or credit card) or using PayPal prior to copying

How much does it cost? 

  • Black & white copy printouts are 10 cents per page. 

Step 1: Adding Value to PaperCut

Your PaperCut account will have a zero balance when you first see it. Follow instructions below to add value with cash, credit, or PayPal. Be sure to have adequate funds available in your PaperCut account BEFORE you try to print something.

Add Value Station

You can add money to your PaperCut account balance using cash or credit card at an Add Value Station. 


Step 1: Go to an Add Value Station, located near the Copy Room in the Library.  

Step 2: BEFORE inserting money, touch the LCD screen and log in using your student ID #.

Step 3: Select a payment option:

  • Cash: Insert $1 bill or $5 bill or coins (no pennies). Insert exact amount only, no change is given! 
  • Credit card: Swipe/tap your credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AmEX or Discover) in/on the card reader.
  • ApplePay: Tap your device on the card reader.

You now have value on your PaperCut account balance!

Step 4: Hit the Done button to log off and return the Add Value Station to the home screen.

Step 5: See instructions below for Using a copier.

To add funds to PaperCut if you do not yet have a PayPal account, you can either (A) sign up or (B) sign in as a guest:

A. Create a PayPal account at this website:

screenshot paypal signup

B. Or, sign in as a PayPal Guest by clicking “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.” 

screenshot PayPal guest login

How to add funds to your existing PayPal account:

Step 1:    Log into a student workstation computer with your 10-digit student ID and 8-digit birthdate. 
Step 2:    Click the Details link on the PaperCut icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the PaperCut portal:

screenshot papercut icon


Step 3: Log into your PaperCut account, using your 10-digit student ID number for the username and your 8-digit birthdate for the password (MMDDYYYY):

screenshot papercut portal login


Step 4: Click the Add Credit link in the left margin to see the Add Credit Using PayPal page, then click dropdown to add value up to $20. Then click green button to Add Value to your account:

screenshot to add value to papercut via paypal


Step 5: The next page will be the PayPal interface webpage. Enter your PayPal login information (email and password) and enter your Debit or Credit card information as normal. If you opted to add funds to your account using the PayPal Guest Checkout, you will be brought to the page below.  The dollar amount you selected to add to your account will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

screenshot PayPal guest checkout

Step 6: Fill out the form and click “Pay Now” at the bottom of the screen. The funds are now added to your PaperCut Student Print Account! See instructions below for Using a copier.


Step 2: Using a Photocopier

Three photocopiers are located in the Copy Room in the Library, near the Information Desk. More photocopy machines are located elsewhere on campus.

To make copies in the Library:LCD screen on copy machine

Step 1: Using the small LCD screen on the photocopier, log into PaperCut : 

  • Username is your 10-digit student ID
  • Password is your 8-digit birth date

Step 2: Select Copy from the list of options

Step 3: Choose from the copy options (paper size, number of copies, etc.) and hit the blue Start button to make copies.

Step 4: Be sure to LOG OUT once you have finished making copies.



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