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Print, Copy or Scan in the Library

How to use the printers and scanners in the Library

Other Scanning Options

Types of Scanners

The Library offers two types of self-service scanners:

  • Document scanners: These are best used for flat documents and multiple-page stacks of documents. These are located near the Computer Help sign, just beyond the Periodicals and Newspapers racks in the Library. Ask the scanning attendant for assistance with a machine. 
  • KIC Bookeye scanner: This is a high-speed scanner, best for books and other bound documents.This is located near some of the print stations, between the Circulation Desk and the Periodicals & Newspaper racks. Details on how to use the KIC Bookeye book scanner here

How do I scan a document?

Image of scanner next to a computerTo use a document scanner to make copies (scans):

Please ask the scanning attendant for assistance with a machine. There is no charge to scan documents. 

  • Log in to the computer using your student ID as the username and your birth date as the password.
  • Place the item you wish to scan below the silver scanning head. (Yellow paper in the image to the right is correctly placed and ready to scan)
  • Push the "scan" button on the base of the scanner to scan the first page.
  • If you wish to continue scanning more pages, adjust the material you are scanning to display the next page and click "continue scanning." Repeat until all pages are scanned.  When you are finished, click "finish scanning."
  • Edit the scanned images as needed. 
  • Save the scanned document to a USB flash drive or save and then email to yourself.

Details on how to use the KIC Bookeye book scanner here


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