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Immigration Resources: Videos

Why Use Videos?

Use videos to see and hear how certain procedures are undertaken by professionals in the field. The videos in our collection were selected based on their relevancy to the courses taught at San Diego City College. These videos are closed captioned.

How to View a DVD

DVD videos must be viewed in the LRC. (Streaming videos may be viewed anywhere that Internet access is available.)

Go to the Library's Circulation Center desk (main entrance), to have staff retrieve the video you want. You will need to provide staff with the call number of the video (get it from the SDCCD Books+ catalog).

Headsets are available for checkout at the Library Circulation Center desk.

Find Videos in the Library Catalog

San Diego City College LRC has about 600 videos in its Media Collection, located in room R105. Use the catalog below to search for media items.


Videos in the Spotlight!

Search "Immigration" in the database, Films on Demand .                                                                                                                        Following are examples retrieved in that search. Click the links below to check on their availability.

America's History on Immigration (segment from Interfaith Discussion, Part 2) -  America began with immigration that ultimately built the country. Today, Americans seem to fear immigration. It appears that a self-appointed core of 'true' Americans have circled the wagons against outsiders.

Immigration Debate - Arizona has the toughest anti-illegal immigration law in the country. Stacey Delikat reports on the law and the national debate it has sparked.  (2010)

President Obama's Immigration Efforts (segment from Moyers & Company: Hispanic America's Turn) - President Obama has deported over one million immigrants. He has supported immigration reform and the DREAM Act. Interview footage shows Jorge Ramos press Obama on his broken promise to create an immigration bill during his first year.

Immigration Issues (segment from Human Trafficking: Crime Inc.—The Underground Economy) - People who ultimately become slaves to labor brokers arrive in the U.S. legally on temporary visas. Thus, Immigration will not interdict in those cases. When a slave labor situation was revealed, the brokers were jailed, and the workers were given housing, support, and jobs.

Illegal Immigration (segment from Don’t Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses: A Debate) - Tamar Jacoby and Julian Castro (against) argue that the system encourages illegal immigration; Kris Kobach (for) argues for only allowing in skilled workers. Panelists debate immigration statistics.

Immigration Debate:  Should America Open It's Borders? A Debate on Immigration  - Does America need more or less immigration? Should we let the free market decide how many immigrant workers the economy can support? Or should a responsible government manage the flow of labor? Reason Foundation managing editor Tom Clougherty moderates a debate on immigration reform.

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