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Immigration Resources: Articles & Databases

Why Use Articles?

Use articles to find current information on your topic.
Article databases are collections of published articles.
Some articles come from back issues of periodicals, others are written by staff writers supporting an information resource (similar to an encyclopedia).

How Do I Tell a Journal from a Magazine?

Journals are different from magazines. When selecting an article for your topic, keep in mind who it's written BY and who it's written FOR. The author's credibility and the audience's reading level may differ greatly between journals and magazines, as would the scholarly quality of the work.

Off-Campus Access

When you click on a database link or an e-book, you will be prompted for your CSID number and last name.

Put in your last name exactly the way you registered for classes.

To log in, you must be taking at least one City College course during the current semester, and have fully paid your tuition and fees.

Faculty and staff:

  • Faculty: If you are not currently teaching, or if you have problems with your login, please contact
  • Staff: Request a login by emailing

Find Articles by Topic

If you are off-campus, you will need to type in your CSID number and last name.

Here are some suggested databases (article collections) that you can search using keywords or terms for your topic.

Complete list of our databases.

Find a Specific Title

Does the Library subscribe to a particular magazine or journal you are looking for, like Newsweek or The Journal of Applied Psychology? Check here by title: Journal Finder.

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