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Immigration Resources: Web & Social Media

Why Use Web Sites?

Good News: The Web is a popular information resource, often having up-to-the minute information on current events. 

Bad News: Anyone can say whatever they want on the Web. What is credible-- what can you believe to be true? 

THEREFORE: Check your  Web sources against reputable works (see the boxes below for tips). Also, check with your instructor to see if he/she will accept information from a web site as a source.

Be Wary of the Web

The web sites listed here were selected on the basis of their possible relevancy to the programs taught at City College.

San Diego City College LRC is not liable for the currency or accuracy of the information contained in these third-party web sites, as they are outside the control of the LRC.

How Do I Evaluate Web Sites?

Check for good quality information by asking questions like:

What is the subject of the resource? (Does it support your topic?)

Who is the author? (Any credentials mentioned? Do you detect bias?)

When was the resource created? (Recently?) 

How well is the resource written? (Any errors?)

How Do I Find Web Sites?

Use your favorite search engine to find web sites on the Internet, or try these tools:

San Diego City College sites

DACA and Undocumented Students

Government Sites

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