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Immigration Resources: Books/E-books

Why Use Books?

Books are good for getting broad, deep information on your topic or on parts of your topic. See this table for further information about different formats of information.

Finding Circulating Materials in the Library Catalog

The Circulating Collection is on the third floor. Circulating means you can check out the books.

Use the search box to find print and electronic books. (You are searching all three SDCCD libraries, not just City.)



Can't find it here? Try another library.

  • San Diego Public Library cardholders can borrow from their branches and some local universities (Interlibrary Loan).
  • San Diego COUNTY Public Library cardholders can borrow from their branches, local universities and state-wide via San Diego Circuit Consortium Catalog and via Link+.
  • Both the city and the county public library systems offer free library cards for California residents,

Key Terms to Try

  • In general, search using one or two nouns, combined by AND or OR.
  • Do more than one search, using different words that cover the same concept.
  • If you find too much information, take out a word. If you don't find enough, add one.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for variations on a word. For example, searching for student* will bring up records on student and students.
  • For more information, see Develop a topic

These are only a few examples of immigration-related terms found in the library catalog:

Finding a Book on the Shelf

Not sure how to use a call number?

How to Read Call Numbers (GA)

Off-Campus Access

When you click on a database link or an e-book, you will be prompted for your CSID number and last name.

Put in your last name exactly the way you registered for classes.

To log in, you must be taking at least one City College course during the current semester, and have fully paid your tuition and fees.

Faculty and staff:

  • Faculty: If you are not currently teaching, or if you have problems with your login, please contact
  • Staff: Request a login by emailing

Books in the Spotlight!

San Diego City College Library has over 60,000 books in its Circulating Collection, located on the third floor. We also have over 28,000 electronic books. Use the library catalog to find books in both our print and electronic collections. Here are some examples from our collection; click the links below to check on their availability.

Immigration: Overview

African American Immigration

Asian American Immigration


Immigration and Children and Young Adults

Immigration Experience

Immigration History

Mexican American Immigration and Border Studies

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