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San Diego City College Library

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Collection Management Guidelines

Introduction from the Library Collection Management Guidelines document:

The San Diego City College Library provides access to resources and services that support the academic success of City College students. Material formats include books, periodicals, electronic resources (e-resources) and media resources. While the curriculum is the foremost component in the collection development criteria, the library recognizes that close collaboration with the faculty is required to maintain the most relevant collection possible. All collection development decisions, including acceptance of gifts and withdrawal of materials, are the responsibility of the library. Suggestions from students, staff and faculty are strongly encouraged. These guidelines support the mission of the library and the college by providing guidelines for collection development and maintenance.

See below for the full text of the document.

Donations Guidelines

The San Diego City College Library greatly appreciates donations of books that supplement our collection development goals. Our purpose is to support student learning by providing academic resources and services.  Your donation will help us do that.  See below for further information.  If you have questions, please contact the Library at

What books are needed:

  • Donated items will be reviewed by the librarians to ensure they comply with our collection development plan, which includes:
    • subject matter aligned with our curriculum
    • undergraduate level
    • date of publication

What you should do: 

  • Please bear with us as we navigate our services through the pandemic. To that end, please send an email to us at that indicates the size and condition of your proposed donation. 
  • Create your own inventory list of titles. Please send this list to us as well. (If you intend to use this donation as a tax deduction, please note that librarians cannot provide valuation for your gift, only a thank-you note on letterhead.)
  • Arrange for your donation to come to the Library. 

What (else) you should know:

  • Books donated to the library immediately become the property of the college and cannot be returned. 
  • Books accepted into the library collection may take several months to appear on the shelves for use. 
  • Books not selected for inclusion into the library collection may be discarded or put aside for a future book sale.

Remote Access Guidelines

Access to Library Resources from Off-Campus Locations

How the login system works: You are automatically eligible only if you are currently taking a class or teaching a class.

  • Students: When you click on a database link or an e-book, you will be prompted for your CSID number and last name. Type in your last name exactly the way you are registered for classes (usually how it appears on your CSID card). You must be currently taking at least one City College class and have fully paid your tuition and fees in order to log in. If you are having problems with your login, please email and include your full name and CSID number.
  • Staff: You are not automatically added to the system from PeopleSoft. To request a login, or if you are having problems logging in, email and include your full name, department, and employee (CSID) number.
  • Faculty: You are automatically added to the system from PeopleSoft if you are teaching in the current semester/session. If your status is different, or you are having problems with your login, please email and include your full name, department, and employee (CSID) number.

Common issues: 

  • Some databases require that your browser be set to accept all cookies.
  • Security software may interfere with a database's user authentication protocol. You may have to temporarily disable it in order to connect to a database.

Wireless Use Guidelines

Access to the San Diego City College wireless network is limited to current students, faculty and staff using their personal mobile devices.

  • Please do not share the system access code with anyone.
  • By using this access code, you agree that you will use the City College wireless system only for legal purposes, will abide by City College policies, and will observe applicable copyright laws. Violation may result in revocation of wireless privileges and/or disciplinary action.
  • Please use headphones to play computer audio, so as not to disturb others.
  • Use of the wireless network is at your own risk.
  • The wireless system uses WPA/PSK authentication.
  • The access code is case-sensitive and may include special characters, like punctuation.
  • The access code may change without notice.

District AP 5040 Compliance Guidelines

San Diego City College's Library faculty uphold the American Library Association's (ALA) Code of Ethics and the interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights set forth by ALA for Academic Libraries. In all activities, we seek out and strive to apply current best practices relevant to the services and the selection of, acquisition of, and access to, the resources we provide San Diego City College students, staff and faculty.

In compliance with District Administrative Policy (AP) 5040, the San Diego City College Library has developed these guidelines for its services and collections: 

San Diego City College Library faculty provide equal access to reference services to all members of the City College campus. All reference interactions, as are all circulating interactions, are held in confidence.

  • Technical Services

Technical Services provides access to information by acquiring and cataloging books, controlling periodical check-in and maintaining electronic access with no filtering among other things. These functions are guided by American Library Association ethics which insist on equal access to information.

ALA Code of Ethics

Library Bill of Rights

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