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New Things to Know at the Library!

Missed the Flex session on the new library platform? You can:

  • Watch a recording of the 30-minute Flex session here:, or 
  • Take a look at the Google Slides deck (with speaker notes) used for the Zoom sessions. Just 11 slides-- click on the image below to check them out!  

Screenshot is link to Google Slides

Course Reserve Requests

The Course Reserves is a special collection comprised of materials assigned by instructors. Reserve materials may include supplemental class readings, photocopied articles, videos and audio files, and sample tests. Instructors need to provide material for reserves, or if it is already available in the Library collection, it can pulled and placed on reserve. 

Please note that processing may take several days from when you drop off materials until the material is available for students.

The Library has two different Reserve collections:

  • Print reserve materials are kept behind the Circulation Center desk, and students and other requestors must be able to identify the material needed by call number so it can be pulled by Library staff. Call numbers for reserves are listed in the Library's online catalog under the Course Reserves tab. To put print materials on reserve, use the print reserve request form: print it out, complete it, sign it, and deliver it with the books to the Circulation Center in the Library, located on the entrance level of the Learning Resource Center.
  • Media reserve materials are kept in the Independent Learning Center in R105, accessible by ILC staff only. Students and other requestors must be able to identify the material needed by call number so it can be pulled by ILC staff. Call numbers for reserves are listed in the Library's online catalog under the Course Reserves tab. To put media materials on reserve, use the media reserve request formprint it out, complete it, sign it, and deliver it with the media materials to Room R105 in the Independent Learning Center, located on the lower level of the Learning Resource Center.


Research Sessions for Classes (Library Instruction)

Faculty in all disciplines are encouraged to schedule a research session for their classes. These 90 minute +/- sessions cover the basics of research and include librarian-directed hands-on experience. Peer reviewed research has shown that attendance in these sessions 3-5 times has a positive impact on grades. With the input of the classroom faculty, each session is tailored to best fit the class assignments. The Library's classroom is located on the main level of the Learning Resource Center, Room R209.


To schedule a research session, please fill out and submit an Instruction Request form for each class at least two weeks in advance. Feel free to send it via email to or drop it off in person at the Information Desk in the LRC.

Instructors (not substitutes) must accompany their classes to the orientation. Please contact Carol Withers (619-388-3871) with any questions.

Subject Area Liaisons

Faculty librarians are available to develop and maintain subject collections to support the college curriculum. You may contact a subject area liaison directly:

Department Disciplines Librarian Liaison
Behavioral Sciences Admin. of Justice, Alcohol & Other Drug Studies, Anthropology, Conflict Resolutions, Future Studies, Gender Studies, Global Dev.Stud., Human Services, Peace Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology Carol Withers (x3871)
Black Studies   Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Business Studies Accounting, Business, Consumer Studies, Economics, Marketing, Small Bus. Entrepreneurship Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Careers   Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Chicana/o Studies   Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Communications Digital Journalism, Communication, Radio/Television Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Consumer & Family Studies Child Development, Education Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Cosmetology   Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Engineering Electricity, Electronic System, Engineering, Environmental Control, Machine Tech., Manufacturing Technology, Technical Writing Cecilia Cheung (x3873)
English & Humanities English, Humanities, Philosophy Leann Voss (x3056)
Foreign Languages American Sign, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Health & Exercise Science Health Education, Physical Education, Fitness Specialist Cecilia Cheung (x3873)
History & Political Sciences History Barbara Ring (x3319)
History & Political Sciences Political Science Leann Voss (x3056)
Information Technology Computer Business Technology, Computer Information Systems, Information, Network & Web Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Life Sciences Agriculture, Biology, Sustainability Cecilia Cheung (x3873)
Nursing Education Health Sciences, Nursing Education Cecilia Cheung (x3873)
Mathematics Mathematics Barbara Ring (x3319)
Physical Sciences Astronomy, Chemistry, Geographic Info Sys, Geography, Geology, Physical Sciences, Physics Barbara Ring (x3319)
Visual & Performing Arts Dance, Graphic Design, Music, Theater/Dramatic Arts Sandra Pesce (x3245)
Visual & Performing Arts Fine Arts, Photography Carol Withers (x3871)


For more information, download the Library's Collection Management Guidelines:

Open Educational Resources (OER) and Textbook Affordability

OER logo link

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Interested in lowering textbook costs for your students? Click this link to learn more about Open Educational Resources (OER) at City College and in our district. 

Conference & Training Room Reservations

Conference/Training Room R108Go to this slideshow to see more photos.

To reserve a room, please follow these two steps:

  1. Contact Daniel Gonzalez ( at (619) 388-3869 make a reservation for a room.
  2. Contact the Office of Classroom Technology Managment at (619) 388-3418 for instructions on how to use the media equipment available in each room (except R-205, which has no built-in equipment). You must be trained on the equiment before you can use it. Internet connectivity and audiovisual support are available upon request. Please provide all details for software and/or equipment needs when making a reservation.

Room Descriptions:

  • Room R-108, Teleconference/Presentation Room. Seats up to 14 people around one large conference table. Whiteboard, overhead digital projection system, videoconferencing equipment, and Internet connectivity available.
  • Room R-205, Meeting Room. Seats up to 6 people around one table. Whiteboard available. (No media equipment built in.)
  • Room R-212, Meeting Room. Seats up to 24 people around several long computer tables. Two folding tables also available. Overhead digital projection system, and Internet connectivity available.
  • Room R-301, Group Training Room. Seats up to 15 people at computer workstations, plus one instructor station. Whiteboard, overhead digital projection system, and Internet connectivity available. R-301 has NetSupport software for control of all workstations, including turning on/off, locking/unlocking down screens, and projecting sample screens on user workstations. Instruction sheet for NetSupport provided.


Video Collections for Instruction

Several video collections are available for instructional (and student) use. Please see our Videos page for information about performance rights outside the classroom.

Faculty & Staff Svcs: Related Resources

SDCCD Copyright Guidelines web page. See FAQs and a list of resources there.

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