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Exploring Textbook Alternatives at SDCC Library

Finding Videos in SDCC Library Collections

Go to the SDCC Library's Videos & Captioning guide to see options for streaming video. All of these videos are captioned and ready for instructional use. The page also provides information about public performance rights for showing these in the classroom (when we are back on campus).

You can create playlists of whole videos or just use segments/clips. Some video databases allow for embedding (Films on Demand and Kanopy) whereas Swank Digital Campus only provides a link. See the Linking to Library Resources in Canvas guide below for further information on linking.

Linking to Library Resources in Canvas

See Linking to Library Resources in Canvas, a step-by-step guide to finding and creating links from resources in the SDCC library databases. Directions are given for each of the major databases, including an example link and a graphic showing where to find links in the database. 

thumbnail of linking to library resources in canvas guide

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