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Exploring Textbook Alternatives at SDCC Library

ZTC Funding (Local)

Website: Community Online ZTC Project

SDCCD received a Community Project grant that will provide funding and support for SDCCD faculty to create and improve instructional materials with Open Educational Resources (OER), resulting in online Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) courses. Support for the project is provided with funding for faculty, instructional designers, contractors, and an OER specialist. 

For questions, please email Brian Weston, Dean, Online & Distributed Learning, at

ZTC Funding (State of CA)

Overview of the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree (ZTC) Grant Program:

Full version of the program available in the Education Code Sections 78050-78052


The 2021 Budget Act appropriated $115 million in one-time funding to the California Community Colleges for the Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Grant (ZTC) program. The program intends to develop and implement ZTC degrees and prioritize Open Educational Resources (OER) as a strategy to “reduce the overall cost of education for students and decrease the time it takes students to complete degree programs offered by community colleges.” The legislation requires that the Chancellor’s Office ensure grants result in the greatest number of degrees to benefit the greatest number of students while avoiding duplication of degrees or OER materials. The legislation also identifies additional specific requirements relating to program prioritization, sustainability, content adaptability, location for content curation, implementation approach, implementation period, and reporting of required data.

ZTC Planning and Implementation Grants:

Every college received a $20,000 Planning Grant (formally called Phase 1) in July 2022 and a $180,000 Implementation Grant (formally called Phase 3) in March 2023. 

ZTC Acceleration Grants and ZTC Acceleration Program Plan:

The Chancellor’s Office will distribute the balance of program development funding, totaling $88.55 million, in the form of ZTC Acceleration Grants. The ZTC Acceleration Grant phase provides funding of up to $200K for each degree developed and implemented. The Chancellor’s Office released the ZTC Acceleration Grant Program Plan (“Program Plan”) on August 15, 2023, in NOVA. All colleges interested in developing and implementing ZTC programs by Fall 2026 are strongly encouraged to apply for the Acceleration Grant by submitting their program plan by September 15, 2023. 

Program Reporting
The ZTC program will result in over 550 ZTC degree/certificate pathways developed and/or implemented by Fall 2026 to reduce the cost of education and shorten completion time for our students in support of the Vision 2030 framework. The Chancellor’s Office is required to submit a legislative report by June 30, 2027, which includes the number of degrees developed and implemented; number of OER developed and curated; estimated annual savings to students; number of students who completed a ZTC program and accessed OER; and recommendations to increase, expand, or improve the offering of degrees and the use of OER.

For questions, please email Brian Weston, Dean, Online & Distributed Learning, at

ZTC Promotion: AAC&U OER Institute

City, Mesa, and Miramar were accepted into the AAC&U Institute on OER as a District-wide endeavor to promote OER engagement and adoption. The City College lead for this initiative is Melanie Nakaji (

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