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Exploring Textbook Alternatives at SDCC Library

Finding Articles in SDCC Library Databases

Articles may be found in the SDCC Library's databases in a number of ways: 

  • A-Z Databases page: For a list of all SDCC Library database collections. Use the Sort by Resource Type dropdown menu to sort for Scholarly Article collections.
  • EBSCO Articles link: This goes to the databases provided by the vendor EBSCO only. 
  • OneSearchThis search box provides one way to search through most of the SDCC Library's collections, but not all (like EBSCO). So it's good for an overview search on a topic, but it does leave out some EBSCO materials and refining the search results may get complex. 


Using Online Articles as Course Texts

While copyright restrictions may prohibit uploading entire works to your Canvas course, it's considered Fair Use to link students to electronic articles in the Library's collection. Here are some tips for doing so successfully:

  1. Link to articles: Linking to articles is always fair use. Uploading or distributing copies is Fair Use some of the time, but you should first be familiar with the SDCCD Copyright Guidelines
  2. Use a persistent link that includes the proxy which triggers a login: When using subscription resources, the web address you see at the top of your browser won't always work again for another user. See the guide Linking to Library Resources in Canvas below for tips on how to create stable links
  3. Provide full citation information: If the link doesn't work, the student may be able to find the article if they have full citation info. (And, librarians will have something to work with to help them.)
  4. Check your links before the semester starts: Check to be sure links are working. It's easier if links can be fixed, before students panic. A good practice may be to check the links from home to check for off-campus access.

Linking to Library Resources in Canvas

See Linking to SDCC Library e-Resources, a step-by-step guide to finding and creating links from resources in the SDCC library databases. Directions are given for each of the major databases, including an example link and a graphic showing where to find links in the database. 

screenshot of linking to sdcc library e-resources guide

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