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Exploring Textbook Alternatives at SDCC Library

Check Out the SDCC Library!

See the pages in this guide for tips on finding and using the Library collections. We have many thousands of books/e-books, articles, and videos available to you and your students!

  • Library e-Book Collections: create a reading list with e-books from the Library's collections, or talk to a librarian about purchasing an e-book version of your readings (with multiple user licensing). Link to these in Canvas.
  • Library Article Collections: create a reading list with articles from the Library's electronic database collections and link to them in Canvas.
  • Library Videos Collections: create a playlist of videos that are already captioned and ready to use and link to them in Canvas.

You can check the SDCC Library collections on the library home page for available textbook and course materials options, or talk to your liaison librarian directly about the possibilities!

Using the New Library Catalog

Missed the Flex session on the new library platform? You can:

  • Watch a recording of the 30-minute Flex session here:, or 
  • Take a look at the Google Slides deck (with speaker notes) used for the Zoom sessions. Just 11 slides-- click on the image below to check them out!  

Screenshot is link to Google Slides

Linking to Library Resources in Canvas

See Linking to SDCC Library e-Resources, a step-by-step guide to finding and creating links from resources in the SDCC library databases. Directions are given for each of the major databases, including an example link and a graphic showing where to find links in the database. 

screenshot of linking to sdcc library e-resources guide

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