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English: Getting Started

What is English?

Picture of book covers: Kite Runner etc

"The English program provides a breadth of course work designed to improve reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills. Reading courses focus on academic reading and study skills. The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program offers four levels of academic English instruction including reading, listening/speaking, and composition. Writing classes range from developmental writing to transfer-level courses in reading and composition, composition and literature, and intermediate composition and critical thinking, as well as a two-semester sequence in creative writing. Literature offerings include an introductory course and specialized courses such as British and American Literature and women in literature. Humanities courses explore cultural achievements of world civilizations. English department courses meet English Composition requirements for the associate degree and for University of California, and California State University, Communications in the English Language and Critical Thinking requirements. Literature courses may also meet general education, humanities, multicultural studies requirements and preparation for transfer."

--Description of the English major from the 2011-2012 San Diego City College catalog

Getting Started

Getting Started: Topic Overview:

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