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San Diego City College Library

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Get the City College Wifi Access Code for Your Mobile Device

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Logon Page for Wifi Code Access

(You will need your student ID number to log in)


  • Please use the "City Wireless Network" to connect to the wifi. "SDCCD Wireless" will not work.
  • The wifi network at City College is limited to a certain amount of bandwidth, which must be shared by all users. This means that during peak periods some users may be disconnected or unable to join the network. Please be considerate of others and minimize streaming video and music via the wifi network, which tend to slow down the system.


Hot Spot Locations on Campus

Wireless is available in all buildings on campus. And in many outdoor spaces (plazas, quads, and courtyards). 

NEW:  WIFI Hotspots available in:

Wireless Use

Access to the San Diego City College wireless network is limited to current students, faculty and staff using their personal mobile devices.

  • Please do not share the system access code with anyone.
  • By using this access code, you agree that you will use the City College wireless system only for legal purposes, will abide by City College policies, and will observe applicable copyright laws. Violation may result in revocation of wireless privileges and/or disciplinary action.
  • Please use headphones to play computer audio, so as not to disturb others.
  • Use of the wireless network is at your own risk.
  • The wireless system uses WPA/PSK authentication.
  • The access code is case-sensitive and may include special characters, like punctuation.
  • The access code may change without notice.

Troubleshooting Common Wifi Login Problems

City College employees cannot provide help with laptop set-ups, not that we don’t want to, but we can't take responsibility for "experimenting" with your equipment. Troubleshooting is limited to reporting of City College wireless network outages only. Please consult your laptop’s user manual for assistance with your device. The following are common issues and their advice:

Password not working OR key mismatch error:

  • First check that you've put in the password correctly and check for case-sensitivity. If you can, enable the setting to show the password as you type it in. (Usually this is a check box under the password entry box.)
  • Second, check to see if you've selected WPA encryption.
  • If the password still does not work, this may indicate a cached or saved setting that is not getting overwriten with the new password. Try deleting the old connection to the City Wireless network and start fresh as a New Connection. Your computer should detect the network and then you should be able to input the password and have it connect.

Browser does not connect to a web page:

Wifi routers cycle through channels frequently and your connection may time out or miss a channel change. This is a known conflict with Vista, Win7 and new Mac operating systems.

  • TRY THIS: If your browser does not load a page, disconnect from the wireless service, wait at least 30 seconds and then reconnect (using the same access code). 
  • THEN TRY THIS: If disconnecting and reconnecting from the network does not work,
    1. Turn off your device
    2. Make sure your device is not set for manual home use (static IP like 192.xx.xx)
    3. Set your device to automatic detection

Network Outage:


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