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Open Educational Resources (OER)

What is Open Courseware?

Open Courseware refers to classes created and then offered for free in the virtual environment. See how others teach concepts online! Open Courseware can act as an inspiration for your own teaching.

From Open Educational Resources (OER) libguide by Heather Blicher

Canvas Commons

Looking for built-out modules or courses, ready to adapt to your needs? Try looking in the Canvas Commons. You can access it within your course shell from the left navigation menu:

Canvas Commons screenshot



Modules can be downloaded directly into your course. Watch a short video by Dave Giberson on that here.

Courses can also be downloaded BUT BEWARE you will need to do so into a NEW course shell otherwise you risk overwriting your existing course shell. Call Instructure's Canvas Faculty Support and ask them to create a new shell for you, THEN import the course cartridge it into that shell. See directions below:

Directions from the SDCCD Online Learning Pathways web site:


  • Faculty are recommended to create content in a development shell as opposed to their "teaching" shell
  • Call Canvas Faculty Support 1-844-612-7422
  • Make sure you have your 10-digit Employee ID available
  • During the verification process state that you are from the San Diego Community College District
  • Make sure you specifically ask for a “Canvas Development Shell

Open Courseware Collections

From Open Educational Resources (OER) libguide by Heather Blicher

University Sponsored Courseware

Several universities have made available the educational course materials developed by their faculty.

The educational materials for each course may include syllabi, lectures, notes, powerpoint presentations, readings, assignments, and video or audio lectures, depending on the course, the semester, and the professor.

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