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Open Educational Resources (OER)

What's an OER Repository?

There are MANY repositories, or collections, of OER materials. This Guide lists just the tip of the iceberg. A simple Google search for "OER repositories" will yield many more. As with any research on the Internet, try to vet your findings for reputable authors and affiliations.  Here is a list of resources to try:

Repository: Cool4Ed

California Open Online Library for Education (COOL4Ed) The website provides Course Showcases of free and open educational resources aligned with 52 CID courses; over 70 teaching ePortfolios; comprehensive accessibility evaluations; almost 5,000 free and open etextbooks within a collection of over 70,000 free and open educational resources.

Repository: Canvas Commons

Looking for built-out modules or courses, ready to adapt to your needs? Try looking in the Canvas Commons. You can access it within your course shell from the left navigation menu:

Canvas Commons screenshot



Modules can be downloaded directly into your course. Watch a short video by Dave Giberson on that here.

Courses can also be downloaded BUT BEWARE you will need to do so into a NEW course shell otherwise you risk overwriting your existing course shell. Call Instructure's Canvas Faculty Support and ask them to create a new shell for you, THEN import the course cartridge it into that shell. See directions below:

Directions from the SDCCD Online Learning Pathways web site:


  • Faculty are recommended to create content in a development shell as opposed to their "teaching" shell
  • Call Canvas Faculty Support 1-844-612-7422
  • Make sure you have your 10-digit Employee ID available
  • During the verification process state that you are from the San Diego Community College District
  • Make sure you specifically ask for a “Canvas Development Shell

Repository: SDCCD OER

SDCCD Online Learning Pathways staff have curated two OER repositories: 

Repository: ASCCC OERI Disciplines

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Open Education Resources Initiative (ASCCC OERI) has a Canvas course shell devoted to its activities. Its discipline page has resources available for the following subject areas: 

Anthropology, Biology, Development & Early Childhood Education, Communication, Counseling & Student Success, Economics, English & Literature, Geography, History & Political Science, Math, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology

Collections Used by Other Schools

Open General Repositories

Openly-licensed content: Check for licensing permissions

Open-access content: Check for licensing restrictions

Open Initiatives by States

Open Subject Sites - Humanities

Openly-licensed content: Check for licensing permissions

Open-access content: Check for licensing restrictions

Open Subject Sites - STEM

Openly-licensed content: check for licensing permissions

Open-access content: check for licensing restrictions.


Many of the links on this page are provided by Julia Nims, Scholarly Communications Librarian at Eastern Michigan University.

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