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Go Beyond City College

resources presented for the process of finding schools, tools, and money for education after City College

Welcome to your future!

Go Beyond City College

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We're glad you're at City College, but we realize this is just a stepping stone on your path to a great career. This guide intends to provide resources to help you decide on a career, learn about the education and training you will need to succeed, and figure out how to pay for it. You probably have lots of questions, so we hope this guide can point you to the right resources to get them answered. This guide includes books, articles, web sites, and media materials.

Where Am I Going?  includes resources on various aspects of a job search, including career exploration, educational requirements, industry trends, resume writing, interviewing, and surviving in the workplace. 

How Do I Get There? includes resources on schools and other institutions of higher learning that offer you the tools and education you will need to succeed in your chosen career field.

How Do I Pay For It? includes resources to find the money that will fund your education and training.


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You can access these resources from off-campus!

I'm off campus, how do I get access? 

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The Research Process

Not sure about the library terminology used in this guide? See the Research Step-by-Step guide.

Guide Author

Sandra V. Pesce, PhD ~ Librarian/Professor Electronic Resources ~

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