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Personal Growth (College, Career & Life Skills)

SDCC Transfer and Career Center

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Job Placement Services is offering virtual student appointments, employer Q&As, and live virtual on-site recruitment.

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Visit College Central Network (CCN) following these instructions:
2.) Click "Students"
3.) Click "Create Account"
4.) Use Your CSID Number for Username

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Email requesting a Job Placement Appointment. We would be happy to help!

SDCC Financial Aid Office

The Federal Work-Study program strives to create opportunities for student learning beyond the classroom.

Through part-time employment, students can earn income, gain professional experience, and apply learned skills.

This is a type of financial aid that is earned through part-time employment. It is not a grant (you must work to earn it), and it is not a loan (you do not need to repay it).

Key Terms for Career Resources

When using the SDCCD Books+ or an article database, try typing some of these relevant terms into the search box:

  • "Employment Interviewing"
  • "Job Hunting"
  • Occupations
  • Résumés (Employment)
  • "Vocational Guidance"

e-Books for Career Resources

Here is a sample of e-books on this topic: 

Print Books for Career Resources

Here is a sample of print books on this topic:

Databases for Career Resources

Here is a sample of databases that can provide information on career fields and industries: 

Social Media for Careers

If the feed below is empty, sign into your Twitter account (or create one to do so):

Videos for Career Resources

Web Sites on Careers

Here are just a few of the many web sites relevant to Careers:

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