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Learn how to work smarter, not harder! The tabs above have links to books and videos on various topics designed to help you be successful

Find Books and Videos


The Circulating Collection of books is on the third floor (books you can take out of the library). Physical DVDs are on the bottom floor.

Use the search box to find print and electronic books. (You are searching all three SDCCD libraries, not just City.)



Streaming Video:

Find Physical Videos

Videos are in the Media Collection in room R104/R105. Use the catalog below to search for media items.



OR use these links for physical videos:

City videos -- Basic Skills
City videos -- Mathematics.
City videos -- Student success skills.
City videos -- Study skills.

Having Problems? How to Search

(Public domain)

Tips on searching the library catalog for books or the databases for articles:

  • In general, search using one or two nouns, combined by AND or OR.
  • Do more than one search, using different words that cover the same concept.
  • If you find too much information, take out a word. If you don't find enough, add one.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for variations on a word. For example, searching for student* will bring up records on student and students.
  • For more information, see Develop a topic

These are only a few examples of terms found in the library catalog:

Note that you can also limit to just City by using the "Limit By" box in the upper right once you've made a search:

College Success in General:

Critical Thinking:

Reading and Writing:


Study Skills:

Time Management:


Off-Campus Access

When you click on a database or e-book link, you will be prompted for your CSID number and last name.

Put in your last name exactly the way you registered for classes. You must be currently taking at least one City College course and be paid up.

Faculty: If you are not currently teaching, or if you have problems with your login, please contact

Staff: Request a login by emailing

Picture credit: Joe Mabel [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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