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Exercise Science (HESNA)

Exercise Science (HESNA)


The School of Health, Exercise Science, Nutrition & Athletics (HESNA) at San Diego City College offers a variety of activity courses and exercise science, kinesiology and nutrition courses. Are you interested in helping others live a healthier life? Do you want to rehabilitate and habilitate others? Do you love exercise and want to share with others? You can do it all here in Health, Exercise Science, & Athletics! --from the San Diego City College web site

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Start Research Here!

Search Tips:

*OneSearch doesn't show you everything! Some databases, like those from EBSCO, are not included so you will need to search them separately.

  • To find Books, e-books and reference materials --> Use SDCCD Books+, A-Z Databases, or OneSearch
  • To find Textbooks for your class--> Use Course Reserves
  • To find Articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers --> Use A-Z Databases, EBSCO Articles, or OneSearch
  • To find Periodicals by title --> Use Journal Finder or OneSearch
  • To find Videos and media --> Use Videos link, A-Z Databases (choose Films on Demand, Swank, or Kanopy), or OneSearch

Terms to Try

What should I put in a search box?

Use these terms in SDCCD Books+ or OneSearch Advanced Search to find resources in the SDCC Library. See image of an example search below.

Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning key terms can include: agility training, aerobic dance techniques, cardiovascular conditioning, exercise routines, flexibility, interval and sprint training, nutrition, plyometrics, running, sports cross training, and weight training. 

Fitness Specialist key terms can include exercise physiology, applied kinesiology, weight training techniques, exercise and fitness assessment, fitness and sports nutrition, exercise for special populations, and exercise leadership. 

General health key terms can include total body conditioning, hiking, outdoor cycling, fitness walking, and yoga. 

Health and Wellness Coaching key terms can include physiology and nutrition, as well as emotional, spiritual, social, cognitive, and environmental health.

Sports key terms can include Swimming, Martial Arts, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Pickleball, Racquetball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Intercollegiate Athletics, Cross-Country, Track & Field, Sand Volleyball

How to do an Advanced Search in SDCCD Books+ with Key Terms: 


1. Select SDCCD Books + (you can also do this in OneSearch)

2. Select Subject from the dropdown menu

3. Type in the key term

4. Click the Search button to get results

The Research Process

Not sure where to begin your research? Here are some guides that can help you:

**Remote Access Guidelines

Access to Library Resources from Off-Campus Locations

How the login system works: You are automatically eligible only if you are currently taking a class or teaching a class.

  • Students: When you click on a database link or an e-book, you will be prompted for your student email address and your mySDCCD password. You must be currently taking at least one City College class and have fully paid your tuition and fees in order to log in. If you are having problems with your login, please email

  • Staff: You are not automatically added to the system from PeopleSoft. To request a login, or if you are having problems logging in, email

  • Faculty: You are automatically added to the system from PeopleSoft if you are teaching in the current semester/session. If your status is different, or you are having problems with your login, please email

Common issues: 

  • Some databases require that your browser be set to accept all cookies.

  • Security software may interfere with a database's user authentication protocol. You may have to temporarily disable it in order to connect to a database.

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