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San Diego City College Library

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Where are the Printers and Copiers?

Print station

Print stations are located:

  • in the Library (2 black and white printers; one color printer)
  • in the ILC computer labs (3 black and white; one color printer in R105)

Copiers are located:

  • in the Copy Room on the second floor of the LRC (three copiers)

Printers and copiers use white paper only.

How Much Does Printing/Copying Cost?

Print/Copy card

Black and white laser printing is 10 cents per page. Color laser printing is 50 cents per page. The machines themselves do not take money. You must first buy a print/copy card, sold at the following places:

  • The print/copy card dispenser on the main level of the Learning Resource Center, in front of the Copy Room (room R-208).
  • The print/copy card dispenser on the lower level of the Learning Resource Center, in R-105.
  • The Accounting Office (B-203) and the Bookstores sell print/copy cards for $3.00 (with $2.50 worth of copies and .50 charged for the card).

How Do I Buy a Card or Add Value to a Card?

Print/Copy Vending Machine

Note: These machines will eat your money at any opportunity. Be sure to follow the directionals on the LCD screens or on the poster. (See photo.) If the machine gives you a hard time, please speak to staff at the Circulation Desk or in R-105.

To Purchase a Card: The print/copy card dispenser takes only bills, does not make change, and will deduct 50 cents when you receive a new card from it. It does not charge extra to put more money on an existing card.

To Add Value to a Card: Once the card is purchased, value may be added for the amount inserted into the print/copy card dispenser ($1.00 for 10 copies/prints). The Accounting Office (B-203) can also add value to a card.

Need Change? - Remember, the print/card dispenser takes only bills. Currently no change machine is available in the LRC. You must convert coins or large bills elsewhere. Or go to the Accounting Office (B-203) to add value to the card. 

How Do I Print from the Computer?

Dialog box from print system on computer screenOnce you have a print/copy card in hand, do the following:

1.) Send the print job:

  • Go to File > Print on your computer screen
  • Select a printer. Default is black & white printing. (Color is 50 cents/page.) Click OK.
  • Type the 7 digit number from the front of the print card into the box on the screen. Naming the job is optional. Click OK.
  • Your job will be sent to the print queue. You can pick it up from any printer in the system.

2.) Release the print job from a printer:

  • Go to any print station in the LRC.
  • Swipe your print/copy card using the card reader in front of the monitor.
  • Your print job should appear on the monitor screen.
  • Use the mouse to highlight the job you want to print.
  • Use the mouse to click the Print button on the screen.
  • Your print job should be printing right now. Remove it from the printer.
  • Click exit to end your session.

How do I use a Copier?

The Copy Room, located next to the Information Desk, has 3 copiers. photocopier

Please ask the copy attendant on duty for assistance if you are having difficulty.

To make a copy:

  • Swipe your print/copy card in the card reader on the stand next to the copier.
  • Use the keypad on the copier to adjust the number of copies, quality, and size of paper.
  • Lift the lid of the copier and place the item to be copied on the glass. Be sure to orient the item correctly: 8 1/2x11" paper should have the long side on the left edge of the glass.
  • Hit the Start button on the keypad. It should be the color blue when ready to make a copy.
  • When you've finished with the copier, push the Done button on the card reader next to the copier

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