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Research guide to resources on marketing topics

Articles @ SDCC Library

Find articles published in periodicals (also known as  journals, newspapers, and magazines) by looking in these collections:


Databases are collections you can search through online to find information on your topic.  Specific databases of articles related to the subject area of this guide are featured below. The full listing of 60+ databases can be found in our A-Z Databases list.

Need a refresher on using a library database? Try this guide: Using Library Databases

Electronic Periodicals

Read the full text of these newspapers and magazines cover-to-cover online! Current issues as well as several years of back issues are available. 

Print (hardcopy) Periodicals

These publications are located in the Library near the Circulation Desk and the Print Station, under the "Periodicals and Newspapers" sign. The display shelves can be raised for access to two years of back issues (except newspapers). Some titles have web sites also.

See below for featured collections!

Databases for Marketing

Here are some suggested databases (article collections) that you can search using keywords or terms for your topic.

Electronic Periodicals

Magazines & Newspapers for Marketing

Print (Hardcopy): 

Our Periodicals and Newspapers section, located in the Library near the Circulation Desk and the Print Station, has a selection of print magazines to browse for ideas and trends related to your area of study. Here are a few titles with their corresponding web sites:

Black Enterprise  
Bloomberg Businessweek
Consumer Reports
Kiplinger's Personal Finance
San Diego Business Journal
Wall Street Journal



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