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Arabic Language

Web & Social Media

Find Web Sites

Use your favorite search engine to find web sites on the Internet, or try one of these tools:

  • Best Search Tools - lists search engines, metasearch, and subject directories.
  • Google Scholar - note: before paying for an article, check to see if the library has it for free
  • RefSeek - academic search engine

Evaluating Web Sites

San Diego City College LRC is not liable for the currency or accuracy of the information contained in these third-party web sites, as they are outside the control of the LRC.

Check for good quality information by asking questions like:

  • Who is the author? (Is the author a scholar in the field?)
  • What is the subject of the resource? (Does it cover all it should, or does it leave something out? Is it accurate or verifiable?)
  • When was the resource created? (Is the information current?)
  • Why was it created? (Is there bias, or is it objective?)

Recommended Web Sites

Here are just a few of the many web sites relevant to Arabic:

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