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Primary Sources

Key Terms to Try for Ebooks and Articles

  • In general, search using one or two nouns, combined by AND or OR.
  • Do more than one search, using different words that cover the same concept.
  • If you find too much information, take out a word. If you don't find enough, add one.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for variations on a word. For example, searching for student* will bring up records on student and students.
  • For more information, see Develop a topic

These are only a few examples of history-related terms found using the SDCCD Books+ tab. For ebooks, limit Availability (in the left-hand column) to Available online.

For articles, use more specific terms. For history databases, go the the A-Z Databases page and use the upper left-hand filter for History, Politics and Government.

  • history AND "primary sources" -- the quotes, "" searches for a phrase so the words are together
  • "primary sources" AND wom?n - the question mark, ?, allows for a one-letter substitution, so here it searches for "woman" and "women."
  • history AND autobiograph* -the asterisk, * searches for autobiography and autobiographies, or anything that begins with the letters before the asterisk.
  • letters AND....
  • interview AND....
  • speeches AND....

Recommended Web Sites

Here are just a few of the many primary sources websites:

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