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Articles and Videos

Why Use Articles?

Use articles to find current information on your topic.
Article databases are collections of published articles.
Some articles come from back issues of periodicals, others are written by staff writers supporting an information resource (similar to an encyclopedia).

Choosing Search Terms

Not getting what you want? See Develop a topic and Find books & articles via databases

Recommended Article and Video Databases

Here are some suggested databases (article collections) that you can search using keywords or terms for your topic.

If you are off-campus, you will need to type in your CSID number and last name.

Find a Particular Journal or Magazine Title

Does the library subscribe to Cosmopolitan or Vogue? Use the Journal Finder to help you find specific journals or magazines.

Online Magazines and Their Print Versions

Here are a few online magazines. When the library reopens, you can browse print magazines for ideas and trends. Here are a few titles also in the Display Area near the Circulation Desk.

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