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Articles & Databases: Using Library Databases

Gale List

From our A-Z Database list:

Gale Article Databases

Gale databases are the second-largest collection of databases (10 total) at SDCC Library. The main subject areas covered are literature, health, and history. 

Gale Quick Look

Gale databases may differ slightly by interface, so here are brief looks at two of the most popular databases as examples: 

Gale Literature Resource Center, by Indian River State College Libraries (6:04)

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints, by Gale Cengage Company (1:29)

Gale Home Page

Gale basic search home page

Anatomy of the Gale Basic Search page: 

The basic search page is the default home page when you open the database. 

  1. Basic Search Box. Type in here your main terms for the topics you wish to find. One or two words or a short phrase is best, not full sentences. Advanced Search link is found just below the basic search box. 
  2. Icons for browsing, linking, search history
  3. Slideshow of trending topics
  4. Teaser articles by category. Usually three for each. Total number of articles is in parentheses next to the category name. Click the Browse All card to see more issues. 
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