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Political Science

2020 Election Resources

Image by Tiffany Tertipes, downloaded from Unsplash

2020 is an election year so voters will be voting for president, various congressional seats, judicial positions, education board members, local proposition measures, and various other state and local public officials. This election year poses unique voting circumstances due to Covid-19, therefore City College Library has collected some resources to help campus voters make informed decisions. Below is a selection of resources to inform voters on:

The resources listed below are a small sample of the resources available and are not maintained by the library. The resources listed below are also not intended to influence anyone on a particular candidate or issue, but merely to provide information. 

Registering to Vote

Researching the issues

Resources with information about the candidates, their positions, and more:

Resources to help you check the facts:

Resources to help you follow the money:

Resources that monitor candidates' social media:

Resources on the California propositions:

Choosing a candidate

Polling Data Sites

Resources that show current polling data:

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