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Research step-by-step: Try these exercises

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A variety of exercises and worksheets to familiarize you with basic research.


Many people think that because they are computer literate, they must know how to do research.  Perhaps that is because just about anyone can type something into Google, or a database for that matter, and get something out.  That something is what Google decides you should see and is not the result of research. The skills for research / information-literacy are very different from computer skills.  Knowing how to do research does not put Google in control. Research skills put you in control and, yes, in control of Google searches which can produce good information.  Use the source of information that answers your questions with appropriate, reliable and valid information.  We, your professor librarians, can show you how. Below you find a few exercises/worksheets your professors might assign before coming to the library for a research session.  If you are working on your own, you may want to consider the other red tabs at the top of the page to walk you through the basic research steps.  

The main thing to remember is that you are not alone in this.  Your professor librarians are expert researchers and are here to help you learn.  Learn from us now before you move into the workforce and will be expected to keep up-to-date in your career. Learn from us know before you transfer to a university as a junior where the expectation is that you already know how to do research.  So please do ask us when you have any questions.  It would be our pleasure.  Click here to find ways, including 24/7 chat to contact us. Of course you are always welcome to come talk with us in the library (R Building / Learning Resource Center).


  1. Familiarize yourself before coming to a library research session with your class.
    1. Find information on your topic
    2. Review some of the skills researchers know
    3. Identify the similarities and differences between database search screens.
  2. Choose your topic here.
  3. Develop your topic here.
  4. Determine the words you will type into your search here.





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