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Information Literacy: Basic Research Skills (An OER)

Information Literacy: Basic Research Skills

Creative Commons License
Information Literacy: Basic Research Skills by Carol M. Withers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


"There are several good books out there but the least expensive costs a few lunches or a couple months’ trolley budget. The need seemed obvious for an Information Literacy OER for our students, so we wrote one....

The overarching approach:

  • keep it at the community college level
  • keep it short
  • stick with the basics assuming the content would be supplemented by the depth of the class work and assignments
  • write it as the class is taught in that it would cover transferable skills and not be San Diego City College specific
  • write it as a text book in that it does not follow my class schedule, but makes sense as a book
  • do not use a single theme or research question for all the examples in the book, but rather use a variety in hopes that variety would hold interest and/or in hope at least one might resonate with each student
  • create a title that says what it is and would be easily found by librarians as opposed to some creative title such as 'It isn’t Rocket Science: what you need to know about research.'"

See full article here: "OER for Information Literacy," CCL Outlook, February 2019.

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