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Fine Arts: E -Resources to use from home

Fine Arts: E-Resources you can use from home

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California  cmw


WHAT'S ON THIS PAGE?  See the column on the left under Home.

The majority of this page provides you access to free quality electronic resources to City College students as well as some that are free to all.  

Find out more about the Fine Arts program at City College

San Diego City College Student Art  Exhibition, Fall 2019and Spring 2020

Websites : museums, jargon terminology and more

Websites:  Visit these museums in-person or virtually and explore.  Amazing stuff out there!

Museum Computer Network  offers links to numerous virtual museum tours and online collections.

Just a few of the many in and around San Diego

ROAD TRIP!  (In or near Los Angeles Area)                                                                               LACMA, Los Angeles, CA cmw

and many more

A few or the great world class museums beyond Southern California

Metropolitan Museum of Art "The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents over 5,000 years of art from around the world for everyone to experience and enjoy... Millions of people also take part in The Met experience online."

Smithsonian Institute ("the world's largest museum, education, and research complex.")  has numerous museums under its umbrella.  See the list of museums at the Smithsonian.

Terms and Jargon


No attempt is made to enumerate all the worlds' artists through time.  Visit some of the museums above to glimpse the wonders of the art world.


An Overview of San Diego Artists from the San Diego History Center (2001)

Videos and clips: Films on Demand and Swank for City College Students

Videos and Clips

A small sample of videos

From Films on Demand:

  • Toshiko Takaezu: Portrait of a Ceramic Artist
  • A Cuban Legend: The Story of Artist Salvador Gonzalez
  • From Bitter Earth: Artists of the Holocaust

Access to City College streaming videos is through our home page.

  • Click on A-Z Databases
  • Click on "Sort by Resource Type" and click on "videos" or scroll down to Films on Demand 
  • Films on Demand provides access to video collection for over 38,500 full-length videos and 310,000+ video clips in a variety of subject areas.  Search using specific terms like an artists name, a period such as Renaissance, or combine words like Argentina and art or ceramics and Hawaii
  • Swank provides access to over 290 feature films from major Hollywood studios and producers.
  • If on campus, you may view DVDs in the Library.  Find the DVD you want via our catalog, SDCCD Books+, on the home page.  Pick up the DVD from the Circulation Counter and take it to R105 (downstairs) to view

Need some help?

Get Help San Diego City College LIBRARY Home Page

For simple questions about the library, email us at

Get help finding the books and articles you need via 24/ chat with a librarian

Learn how to do research.  From the Library's homepage, click on Research Guides and then scroll down to

When open, come by the City College Library (R Building) and discuss what you need with a faculty-librarian at the Information Desk (reference).  Or call us at 619-388-3288.

Words to type in - Choosing search terms

This applies when you are looking for books, articles, websites, or anytime you are using a database.  The words (search terms) you type in when you are searching for information on your topic are critical to finding what you need.  Obviously if you are interested in the education of immigrants, you would not type in the word banana.  That is not what I mean.  Consider two things:

  1. The information you get (in books, articles, and so on) may not be using the same words you are using even if they are on the same topic.  For example if you ARE interested in bananas, perhaps articles or books are using the terms tropical fruit or plantains (a narrower terms since it is a type of banana) and you would need to type in tropical fruit or plantains to find them.
  2. The information you get on your topic may be in books, articles and so on that are partly or even mainly on a topic that is narrower or broader than your  own.

Because of these likely scenarios, do several searches first using your topic terms and then more searches using alternative terms.  For example, if you are interested in

  • street art, also consider searching for grafitti, public art, Bansky, mural paiting, art and society, folk art and add a second search term like themes or motives
  • tattoos, also consider searching for body art, tattooing, Japan tattooing, tattoo artists. Or perhaps to a search on tattoing add a word like anthropology, Papua New Guinea, social aspects, identity, prisons, Polynesia
  • chiaroscuro, you may also consider searching for light in art, painting techniques, Rembrandt, da Vinci
  • rock art, you may also search cave art, cave paintings, petroglyphs, pictographs, prehistoric art, engraving

For more details on choosing and using terms, 

E-Books for City College Student

E-Books from our Databases

From our database page, scroll down to Gale e-Books and you will be able to search many quality encyclopedias all at once or individually including but NOT LIMITED TO

E-Books from our Library catalog

To search for e-books in City College Library Catalog, start on our home page.

  • Click Advanced Search
  • Click SDCCD Books+
  • Type in your search term(s) like alcoholism
  • Press SEARCH
  • Now Refine your Search Results appears in the left column
  • Click on Available Online


  • Do NOT refine your search by clicking on City College.  This seems to omit many books to which you have access
  • FYI your username is your 10 digit ID number and your password is your last name.

Articles (scholarly and popular)

For City College Students: Access databases containing articles from newspapers, magazines, and peer-reviewed scholarly journals through our home page.

  • Click on A-Z Databases
  • Scroll down for a quick look at the topics in each database. Ebsco’s Academic Search Complete is a robust database with articles on just about everything and is often a good place to start.
  • Some databases include articles from journals magazines and newspapers as well as books.  If you are unsure what kind of resource you have, ask us on 24/7 chat on our home page or ask your instructor.
  • The databases that say they include “scholarly or peer reviewed” resources may also contain popular resources.  If so, it is likely you will find a way to limit to either the scholarly/peer reviewed sources or the popular sources.
  • Choose a database and use its Advance Search
  • Use your topic terms and alternative terms when searching.  For an explainations of this, see the box above titles, "Words to type in - Choosing search terms".

Oxford Art Online provides images, biographies and full-text articles covering art subjects from prehistory to today.  Click here and scroll down to Oxford Art Online

FOR IMAGES, click to see this page and offer suggestions of sites to add

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