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Linking to Library Resources in Canvas

How to link to SDCC Library resources within a Canvas course shell

Persistent Linking Instructions for Swank Digital Campus

Follow these steps to create persistent links to videos in the Swank Digital Campus database:

Start at the A-Z Databases page:

  1. Open the Swank Digital Campus database.
  2. Find a video to view.
  3. Click on the video's poster graphic to pull up the player.
  4. Click on the Share button.
  5. Copy either the Direct Link (URL only) or LMS Link (will show the embedded link as text, due to HTML tags around it). The remote access proxy info is already embedded in the URL. Note that Swank does not have an option for an embedded player for its video links.

Then go to your Canvas shell: 

  • Within a text editor box, paste in the LMS Link, OR
  • Within a Module, create a new External Link and paste in the Direct Link URL as the URL. Make sure to check the box for the Load in a new tab option. Why?

Example Persistent Link and Screenshot:

Copy Direct Link:   

Copy LMS Link: Watch Moonlight


screenshot of persistent link in Swank Digital Campus

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