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Chicana/o Studies: Getting Started

What is Chicana/o Studies?

Pictures of Oscar Hijuelos, Isabel Allende, Cesar Chavez, Ellen Ochoa

"The Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies offers a dynamic, innovative program that emphasizes an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to understanding the historical experiences, contemporary social status, challenges, and accomplishments of Mexican, Mexican American, and Latino populations in the United States. Critical thinking and effective oral and written communication skills are integrated across the curriculum, which incorporates the arts and literature, cultural studies, history, the social sciences, policy studies, service learning, and active participation for social justice.

The department emphasizes the study of the international border between Mexico and the United States. Due to its geographic location, the department also offers a focus on the relationship between the communities of southern California and Baja California"

-- Description from San Diego City College Chicano Studies website, accessed September 4, 2013.

Picture credits:

  • Oscar Hijuelos by MDCarcvhies, CC By SA 3, Wikimedia Commons
  • Isabel Allende in public domain, Wikimedia Commons
  • Cesar Chavez by Movimiento, CC By SA 3, Wikimedia Commons
  • Ellen Ochoa in public domain, Wikimedia Commons

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