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Sociology: Other Sources of Information

Other information you can use for your assignments

There are many different kinds of sources of information and just as many places to look for them.  How we help you, as professor librarians, is to talk with you about what you really want to know and how you will be using the information. This conversation helps us understand what you need. Where we tell you to look for information depends upon:

  • What your question is or what information you want
  • How you will be using the information.  Is it for a 3 page paper, a 20 page paper, an oral presentation, part of a team project...?
  • Did your professor require certain types of resources such as articles, books or something else?
  • How much  information you have already collected or know about the topic?
  • From which class is the assignment?
  • and other such things

This conversation determines where we go to show you how to get the information you want.  It could be found in almanacs, encyclopedia, statistical abstracts, handbooks, sourcebooks, e-books, books, journals, newspapers, magazines, film clips... You get the idea.  So do ask us if you would like some help learning how to find all the amazing information that is out there.

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