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Dance: Articles & Databases

includes modern and ethnic dance forms, body modalities, choreography, dance history, dance performance, improvisation

Why Use Articles?

Newspaper articles may provide very current information and ideas for a topic. Magazine articles may provide ideas for your topic. Journal articles may provide in-depth, narrow information on your topic or on parts of your topic. See this table for further information about the different types of publications with articles and how they can provide information on your topic.

How Do I Tell a Journal from a Magazine?

Journals are different from magazines. When selecting an article for your topic, keep in mind who it's written BY and who it's written FOR. The author's credibility and the audience's reading level may differ greatly between journals and magazines, as would the scholarly quality of the work.

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Common issues: 

  • Some databases require that your browser be set to accept all cookies.

  • Security software may interfere with a database's user authentication protocol. You may have to temporarily disable it in order to connect to a database.

Find Articles by Topic

Here are some suggested databases (article collections) that you can search using keywords or terms for your topic.

A complete list of our databases may be found HERE.

Find a Specific Title

Does the Library subscribe to a particular magazine or journal you are looking for, like Newsweek or The Journal of Applied Psychology? Check here by title: Journal Finder.

Browse Print Magazines

Our Periodicals and Newspapers section, located in the Library near the Circulation Desk and the Print Station, has a selection of print magazines to browse for ideas and trends related to your area of study. Here are a few titles with their corresponding web sites:

Dance Magazine
JOPERD (J. of Physical Ed., Recreation & Dance)
Los Angeles Times: Arts & Culture
New York Times: Arts
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