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San Diego City College Library: Independent Learning Center

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About the Independent Learning Center (ILC)

The Independent Learning Center (ILC) comprises three computer labs that provide currently-enrolled students with approximately 120 Internet-enabled computer stations as well as audio/video viewing stations for other media. Students may use the labs and the media collections to complete assignments for many of their courses.

You should already know how to use a computer and the software you need, as only basic technical assistance is available from ILC staff.

The ILC is located in the lower level of the Learning Resource Center in rooms R105, R106, and R107.

ILC List of Equipment and Software Types by Room

This table lists the types of equipment and software in the ILC, sorted by room. Some software licenses are restricted to certain workstations; please ask the attendant on duty which machine has the software you need. (List updated to Windows 10 and 8 on 4-17-18 by SP)

Equipment R105 R106 R107
Print station (black and white laser) x x x
Scanner x   x
Color laser printer (50 cents/page) x    
Media viewing stations (DVD, VHS) x    
Adaptive workstations x    
Apple iMac computers  x   x
Software Types R105 R106 R107
Internet access x x x
Windows 10 x x x
Windows 8   x  
MS Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access) x x x
General computing software x x x
Media for 296 Individualized Instruction (language studies) x    
Course-related multimedia software (special purpose)     x
Adaptive Software (Zoom Text) x    

ILC List of Software Titles by Room and Workstation

This table lists all of the software installed in the ILC. Note: some software licenses are restricted to certain workstations; please ask the attendant on duty which machine has the software you need.


Room Software Workstation
R105 Adobe Acrobat Pro 2 - 36
R105 Adobe Acrobat Reader 2 - 36
R105 Adobe After Effects 2 - 36
R105 Adobe Audition 2 - 36
R105 Adobe Dreamweaver 2 - 36
R105 Adobe Illustrator 2 - 36
R105 Adobe InDesign 2 - 36
R105 Adobe Media Encoder 2 - 36
R105 Adobe Photoshop 2 - 36
R105 Adobe Premiere 2 - 36
R105 Alice 2 - 36
R105 AutoCAD 2018 2 - 36
R105 Divx 2 - 36
R105 Dragon Naturally Speaking 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
R105 Google Chrome All PCs
R105 Jaws 18.0 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
R105 J-Grasp 2 - 36
R105 Learning Ally Link 2 - 36
R105 Microsoft Office 2016 All PCs
R105 Microsoft Project Professional 2016 All PCs
R105 Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 All PCs
R105 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 2 - 36
R105 Orcad Family Release 9.2 (Pspice) 2 - 36
R105 Read&Write 11 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
R105 Silverlight 2 - 36
R105 Solid Works 2018 2 - 36
R105 WestPoint Bridge 2 - 36
R105 Windows 10 All PCs
R105 Zoom Text 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
R106 Adobe Acrobat Pro 6 - 36
R106 Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 - 36
R106 Adobe After Effects 6 - 36
R106 Adobe Audition 6 - 36
R106 Adobe Dreamweaver 6 - 36
R106 Adobe Illustrator 6 - 36
R106 Adobe InDesign 6 - 36
R106 Adobe Media Encoder 6 - 36
R106 Adobe Photoshop 6 - 36
R106 Adobe Premiere 6 - 36
R106 Alice 6 - 36
R106 AutoCAD 2018 6 - 36
R106 Divx 6 - 36
R106 Google Chrome 6 - 36
R106 jGrasp 6 - 36
R106 J-Grasp 6 - 36
R106 Learning Ally Link 6 - 36
R106 Microsoft Office 2016 6 - 36
R106 Microsoft Project Professional 2016 6 - 36
R106 Microsoft Silverlight 6 - 36
R106 Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 6 - 36
R106 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 6 - 36
R106 Orcad Family Release 9.2 (Pspice) 6 - 36
R106 ProductView Express (Engineer software) 6 - 36
R106 PTC Creo (Engineer software) 6 - 36
R106 Silverlight 6 - 36
R106 Solid Works 2018 6 - 36
R106 WestPoint Bridge 6 - 36
R106 Windows 10 6 - 36
R107 Adobe Acrobat Pro All PCs
R107 Adobe Acrobat Reader All PCs
R107 Adobe After Effects All PCs
R107 Adobe Audition All PCs
R107 Adobe Dreamweaver All PCs
R107 Adobe Illustrator All PCs
R107 Adobe InDesign All PCs
R107 Adobe Media Encoder All PCs
R107 Adobe Photoshop All PCs
R107 Adobe Premiere All PCs
R107 Divx All PCs
R107 Google Chrome All PCs
R107 Google Earth All PCs
R107 Microsoft Office 2016 All PCs
R107 Microsoft Project Professional 2016 All PCs
R107 Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 All PCs
R107 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 All PCs
R107 MyItLab (Plug-ins) All PCs
R107 Orcad Family Release 9.2 (Pspice) All PCs
R107 Solid Works 2017 All PCs
R107 Windows 10 All PCs

How Do I Use Videos in the Media Collection?

What is in the Media Collection?

The Media Collection is primarily composed of 650 video titles in VHS and DVD format. The collection is housed in the Independent Learning Center in room R-105. Students must use material from the Media Collection in R-105 only. Items may not be removed from the room by students. 

How Do I Get a Video?

  • Videos are held in non-public shelving, so you must have the call number for a specific video so the staff can retrieve the item for you.
  • Use the library catalog to find the call number for the video you need.
  • Can't find it? Get help finding videos at the Library Information Desk, located on the entrance level of the LRC.

Different collections of videos for faculty and staff.

ILC Services for Faculty & Staff

The Independent Learning Center (ILC) provides access to the LRC's permanent Media Collection, the reserve media collection, and a number of computer software packages that students need to complete assignments.

Find a specific title within the permanent Media Collection:

  • Use the library catalog to find the call number for the specific media title you need so that staff may retrieve it for you. 
  • Faculty and staff may check out media material, except those on course reserve, for two weeks. Please verify with us that you are currently teaching in the District.
Request to add media items to the permanent Media Collection:
  • Contact Sandra Pesce at (619) 388 3245. 
  • All media must be closed-captioned prior to being added to the collection.  

Request to add media items to the Media Reserve collection:

Request a specific software package for ILC computers:

  • Contact Al Cordeiro of the Technical Services Group (TSG).

Request to schedule an orientation to the ILC for your classes.


More LRC services for faculty and staff may be found here: Faculty/Staff Services page

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How to Get Technical Help

What LRC personnel can help you do:

  • access the Internet
  • use basic MS Office functions
  • access your online course
  • print a document
  • scan an image

What other offices on campus can help you do:

Help is not available for personal mobile devices.

ILC: Related Resources

More resources about computing and media: