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Linking to Library Resources in Canvas

How to link to SDCC Library resources within a Canvas course shell

Persistent Linking Instructions for Alexander Street Videos

Alexander Street Video (Film Platform or National Theatre) has two methods to connect to its videos in Canvas:

I. Method #1: Using the LTI ("app") built into the Text Editor to embed a video with a player into a page.

II. Method #2: Searching the Alexander Street databases directly and copying and pasting the persistent link URL or embed code.

Method #1: Follow these steps to use the Alexander Street LTI to embed an Alexander Street video within a player in Canvas:

Canvas provides LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) for Alexander Street videos in your editing mode. This means there is a built-in app in the Text Editor that allows you to search and embed an Alexander Street video (with a player) without ever leaving Canvas AND once you've embedded the video this way, students don't have to enter another login credential for Alexander Street. The video should play immediately.

Click on the plug icon in the Text Editor to see a drop-down of LTI options (Apps), one of which is Alexander Street. Then search for a film. This bypasses the proxy server and allows for immediate viewing. Searching capabilities may vary with browser. 

Screenshot here:

Alexander Street Video app screenshot

Method #2: Follow these steps to create persistent links to Alexander Street (Film Platform or National Theatre) videos:

Start at the A-Z Databases page (or the Videos page):

  1. Go to either Film Platform or National Theatre database. 
  2. Find a video to view.
  3. Click on the video's graphic to pull up the player.
  4. Copy the link from behind the Share button. Select either Copy Permalink (for a persistent URL only) or Copy Embed Code (for <iframe> code with player) at the bottom of the screen. A popup box will appear with the URL to copy. The remote access proxy info is already embedded in the URL.

Then go to your Canvas shell: 

  • Within a text editor box, paste the Permalink URL or Embed code, OR
  • Within a Module, create a new External Link and paste in the Permalink URL. Make sure to check the box for the Load in a new tab option. Why?

Example Persistent Link and Screenshot:


Othello screen shot with linking directions

1. Click the Share link at the top of the player to make the copy buttons appear at the bottom of the player.

2. Click the red Copy Permalink button for the URL or the Copy Embed Code for the <iframe>.  A popup box will appear with the Copy buttons.

3. Click the red Copy button to copy the persistent link or embed code.

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